Company Profile:

Marlov Ltd. was founded in 1979 by Mr. and Mrs. Marlov.

Marlov Ltd. is the Israeli representative of various manufacturers with international reputation, in the categories of power, speed control and military air conditioning.

Marlov Ltd. offers supply engineering support during design stages and after sales services during warranty period, throughout the entire product life. After sales services include initial operation and startup, on-site training, troubleshooting, repairs, spare parts supply, backup devices, etc. all in very short response time, maintaining full coordination with the customer.

Marlov Ltd. is also performing various engineering tasks such as control cabinets for process control and water supply, acoustic hush houses and cells etc.

Marlov Ltd. is proud to announce the availability of our Enterprise IT outsourcing services, a capability which allows us to provide a one stop engineering shop to our Enterprise customers from architectural design to platform optimization, deployment and disaster recovery.

An example of our ability to satisfy our customers is the long business relationship we have maintained with Israeli Aircraft Industry. Over the years we have provided our services and support in the field of ground support equipment, test cells and other facilities to IAI's Bedek and other Divisions.

Marlov Ltd. Represents:

Rockwell Automation U.S.A, Switzerland, Germany and Japan

Product line:

Ac,Dc and servo speed controllers, Ac and Dc servomotors, reduction gear transmission, process control engineering.

Governors America Corp. U.S.A

Product line:

Electronic speed controllers and switches for internal combustion engines.

Keco Industries U.S.A.

Product line:

Military air conditioners and refrigerators. Carlyle military hermetic refrigeration compressors, Davy air compressors, nitrogen generators, water purifiers.

Joslyn Clark U.S.A.

Product line:

Fire Pump Controllers.